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Third International Workshop on
Linked Data-driven Resilience Research 2024

Latest News¤

2024-06-12 - Proceedings published

We are happy that our proceedings are now published on We added links to all papers on the program page.

2024-06-04 - Slides added

We added all presentations as PDF to the program.

2024-05-27 - Thank you all!

Group Picture We had a great event together, so thank you all for participating in the D2R2’24 workshop.

As a next step, we are now preparing the proceedings publication.

2024-05-06 - Program finalized

The progam is finalized and the keynote is confirmed. We are happy to be able to announce our keynote speaker Andreas Harth with his keynote A Process Perspective on Representing Logistics Flows (see abstract below).

2024-04-11 - Author Notification

After receiving the reviews, we selected 7 out of 9 submissions for presentation at the workshop and notified the authors. Thanks again to the Program Committee for doing the reviews mostly in time.

We kindly request that at least one author of the accepted papers register for the workshop and present the work. The early registration phase for the ESWC2024 ends on 🗓 2024-04-24.

2024-03-28 - Submissions assigned to PC

We received 9 paper submissions to the workshop which are now assigned to the members of program committee for review.

2024-03-27 - Early Registration Rates

In order to attend the workshop, please register to the ESWC2024. You will get the early registration rates until 🗓 2024-04-24.

2024-03-18 - Clarification of Page Limitations

Based on a question from a submitting researcher, we clarfied the submission page limits: Maximum 10 pages (full papers) or 5 pages (short papers, discussion papers). This page count excludes references and appendices.

2024-02-27 - Deadline extension

We extended the deadline for workshop submissions to 🗓 2024-03-22.

2024-02-13 - Date Fixed

The ESWC2024 workshops chairs just confirmed our workshop day via e-mail. The D2R2‘24 workshop will take place on 🗓 2024-05-27 (Monday).

2023-12-12 - Workshop accepted

Group Picture 2023 The very active discussions at this years D2R2‘23 demonstrated, that the research topic is still underrepresented so we decided to organize a third instantiation of the D2R2 workshop.

We are now happy to anncounce, that the Third International Workshop on Linked Data-driven Resilience Research 2024 (D2R2’24) was accepted again as a half-day Workshop at the European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2024).

Please have a look at the Call for Papers to get a overview on important dates.


A Process Perspective on Representing Logistics Flows by Andreas Harth (Chair of Technical Information Systems at the School of Business, Economics and Society, University of Erlangen–Nuremberg as well as head of the Data Spaces and IoT Solutions department at Fraunhofer IIS)

Image title

The talk will explore several scenarios from production and logistics, demonstrating how a process-oriented perspective can effectively represent logistics flows. I will highlight the commonalities across these scenarios in terms of process representation and the associated query and analysis tasks. Although logistics flows in the presented scenarios typically focus on specific product or order details, a process abstraction can be applied at higher aggregation levels depending on data availability or analysis requirements. At any aggregation level, using a formal representation of logistics flows enables specific tasks such as identifying bottlenecks or temporal dependencies. By applying methods for querying and analysing logistics flows, the ultimate goal is to enhance transparency and strengthen resilience within supply networks.


In the face of continuously changing contextual conditions and ubiquitous disruptive crisis events, the concept of resilience refers to some of the most urgent, challenging, and interesting issues of nowadays society.

Recent crises like the Covid-19 pandemic wave, the Russia-Ukraine War or the energy crisis have not only tested supply chains and economic value networks to their limits but revealed the need to increase flexibility of technical infrastructures, energy supply, health systems, and social textures alike. Currently, many economic and social spheres are continuously challenged by recession fear, political ploys, and weather disasters to unfold capacities to withstand as well as refine and transform themselves to stay ahead of changes.

Semantically represented data together with emerging technologies such as LLMs and agents can play a crucial role in increasing transparency of value chains and understanding the complex mechanisms of crisis factors on a global level. The systematic integration, KI-based modelling and analysis of huge amounts of data from various sources can build a new basis for situational awareness and decision making as well as for the elaboration of advanced resilience strategies.

The D2R2’24 workshop, which is again organised by the CoyPu project, will provide an open forum to exchange current issues, ideas, and trends in the area of Data-driven Resilience Research. The workshop will bring together scientists, software engineers, resilience practitioners, and domain experts in order to approach the topic from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Ongoing technological developments, current research approaches as well as use case scenarios, and field reports will be presented and discussed with a broad specialist audience.

We invite contributions of novel results and ongoing work as well as position papers focusing on various aspects of Data-driven Resilience Research from a scientific or practical perspective.